2017 dues are $640 for VOA and $926 for AOA as active “full” members.  You can’t join one without belonging to the other.  The VOA collects dues for both associations.  The VOA treasurer then sends dues to the AOA on your behalf.  We can initiate membership and prorate dues on a quarterly basis.  The VOA treasurer will send bills at the beginning of each year.  You may pay all at once or in quarterly installments.  Without getting into specifics please be aware that there are different classes of membership.

Partial practice membership is for optometrists working 16 hours per
week or less.  Dues are 60% of Full Member dues.  The dues must be paid all at once.

The ascending dues schedule is for doctors recently graduated from optometry school or upon completion of a residency and are a percentage of the combined VOA/AOA dues as follows: year of graduation = no dues, 1st year after graduation=10%, 2nd year=20%, 3rd year=50%, 4th year=75%, 5th year=100% of normal full dues

More information and any further details can be obtained by contacting the VOA treasurer at